Payment & Funds

  1. What if the credit balance given is not enough after filling out the credit application?
    For questions regarding the credit application, reference your advertiser ID and message the business team using the contact us form or the live chat.
  2. What will happen if my payment is marked as past due?
    You will receive a notice from accounting asking you to pay. Until the balance is received, you will not be able to create more campaigns in the CP Ad Manager system.
  3. Who do I reach out to if something looks off with the Stripe invoice?
    Please address all questions regarding invoices or questions related to the ‘Transactions’ tab to accounting@christianpost.com.
  4. How do I use a linked credit card to an account with an existing credit line?
    This is not possible. As our documentation states, your account type is either a prepaid account or on credit. Once this option is chosen it cannot be changed unless you request it be changed by the business team. To do so, please message the business team using the contact us form or the live chat.

Organization & User Settings

  1. What if I need to add more users?
    Currently there is no feature to add more users. For now, each organization can only have one user associated with it.
  2. What if the organization info needs to be updated?
    For this, use the edit option after clicking the ‘Account’ tab.
Edit Account


  1. What needs to be done if any part of the campaign needs to be changed before submission and review? For instance, wrong campaign type, schedule, or need to revise the budget or creatives.
    So, this really depends on which section needs to be edited.

    Scenario A: If you have selected the wrong campaign type, it is best to just start a new campaign and abandon the draft of the wrong campaign type.

    Scenario B: However, in most cases, if you have the right campaign type but just need to change out the schedule, targeting or budget then simply edit the current campaign without proceeding to payment.

    If you need to change anything before moving to creatives just make sure that a payment has not been processed yet. If a payment has been processed please cancel the payment. Then, you will need to duplicate the campaign and start afresh.
    Duplicate Campaign
    Scenario C: However, if you have already made it to the creatives and received the ‘Thank you for Submitting’ popup and realize something needs to be updated or changed, then cancel the request. Then, duplicate the campaign and just update what needs to be changed.
    Cancel Campaign
  2. What needs to be done if any part of the campaign needs to be changed after submission and review?
    Everything can still be canceled until the status of the campaign has reached ‘Ready.’ A ready status means the business team has put your campaign into circulation. At this point, you will need to contact the business team directly to terminate your campaign. Depending on how long the campaign has run, you will get a prorated refund for the portion unused.